The People Behind the EPS-Deck Forming System


EPS-Deck concrete deck forming products are designed by the experienced Legalett team of engineers and industry professionals to provide the very best insulated ICF suspended concrete floor and roofing slab systems available. With well over 20 Million Sq. Feet of Legalett engineered concrete floor slabs worldwide, including over 1 Million Sq. Feet installed in North America alone, Legalett is the world’s #1 Concrete Deck Forming Solutions Corporation.


Drawing on this extensive 30 years’ of slab forming expertise, the EPS-Deck Team pride themselves on designing the cutting edge,  product innovations in EPS-Deck - resulting in reducing on site labor and simplifying the installation process. Using EPS-Deck is the most efficient and cost effective way of forming insulated concrete decks especially when incorporating in-slab radiant heating.


Further enhanced by improved manufacturing efficiencies using state of the art equipment, EPS-Deck delivers the ultimate ICF concrete forming system for floors or roofs direct to the job site at the right price.


EPS-Deck’s corporate offices are located in Cornwall Ontario Canada with manufacturing located in Midland Ontario. Call, Email or Talk to the EPS-Deck Team, and discover all the advantages using EPS-Deck concrete deck forms brings to your next construction project.



HSP is a 100% Canadian owned consulting engineering company established in 1984. Their home base is in Eastern Ontario, near Cornwall, and the firm has regularly provided engineering services to a broad range of construction clients located near to them, in western Quebec, northern New York State, and northern and eastern Ontario. HSP Engineering is a multi-disciplined engineering and environmental services firm that have been providing quality professional and technical services to clients in the industrial, commercial, residential and municipal sectors for over 30 years. Noticing a need for energy efficiency in buildings, in addition to their consulting work, HSP has teamed up with Legalett to provide innovative engineered solutions for the GEO-Slab, GEO-Passive and EPS-Deck concrete slab forming products.



The EPS-Deck Forming System Team


The EPS-Deck Concrete Deck Forming System Team at work



Joshua Teixeira - CEO


Joshua Teixeira - CEO for EPS-Deck Concrete Deck Forming Systems CanadaJoshua Teixeira, P.Eng, has been actively involved in the building science industry for over 25 years and is an active member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers. While working at HSP Engineering, a Canadian Consulting Engineering Firm, Joshua spearheaded the development of the widely used Legalett GEO-Slab Frost Protected Shallow Foundation system from its infancy in the early 90's to its present form in Canada and the USA. More recently Joshua developed the GEO Passive Slab technology which has been successfully used in the first Passive House 42 unit, 4 story apartment building for the City of Ottawa Housing Authority.


Joshua is CEO of Legalett Canada and heads up its Research and Development department. Legalett Inc. is a Canadian Company located in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada specializing in GEO-Slab Technology and now EPS-Deck engineered suspended concrete floor forms.


Shane Perry - Project Management & Engineering


Shane Perry - Project Management & Engineering for EPS-Deck Concrete Deck Forming Systems CanadaShane Perry is a native of Long Sault, Ontario, after obtaining his degree in Ottawa, he moved back to his hometown to begin his professional career. Shane graduated from Carleton University in 2008 with a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and has extensive experience in thermal modeling and heating system design.


Now a Professional Engineer, Shane is responsible for project management on all of Legalett’s group of super insulating construction products and has been instrumental in Legalett's design development throughout his career..


Ken Williams - VP Sales, Marketing and Product Development


Ken Williams - VP Sales, Marketing & Product Development for EPS-Deck Concrete Deck Forming Systems CanadaKen has worked in the ICF industry since 1992 with AAB/BlueMaxx/ARXX, Logix, FOX Blocks ICF, Insul-Deck, Legalett Shallow Slab on Grade Foundations & Air Heated Radiant Floors and Giraffe ICF Bracing Systems providing market development, technical support, sales and training services. A project early in his career introduced Ken to Bailey Metal Products. This relationship was what helped create the Simpson Strong Tie ICF Floor bracket so often used now throughout North America. The integration of light gauge steel and EPS is also the basis of the EPS-Deck concrete floor slab forms. Strong, light weight, versatile, well engineered and inexpensive is always a winning combination.


All of this experience has provided Ken with a diverse awareness of the opportunities that EPS form work and engineering bring as with Legalett’s recently released GEO-Passive Super Insulated Slab Foundations which was used by the Ottawa Housing Corp for the first 4 story, 42 unit Passive House condo in Canada. With ThermalWall PH Passive House External Wall Insulation being used on many affordable housing projects throughout Canada.


Along the way Ken has helped the manufacturers he has worked with to develop many products that have helped enhance and move the ICF industry forward. Ken is proud to have been a recipient of 7 international ICF Builder Awards and has been a contributing author for a number of industry related magazines.








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